Summer nights are for sharing unique moments with your own

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Summer is without a doubt the most fun time of the year. It is a period in which it is always shining, so the weather is always perfect to enjoy the outdoors. The night is no different in the summer it is as if the moon shines as bright as the sun at night so people come out to enjoy the nightlife as never before.

Barcelona is one of those special places where you can enjoy the best summer nights, always next to our loved ones. The Catalan capital is one of the best alternatives to go out in the evening, with a very attractive nightlife for anyone. When we talk about nightlife we ​​do not just mention nightclubs and bars, the restaurants are also part of it.

Casa Carmen is a place where you can enjoy good food and have a quiet and special night next to ours. Eating in the restaurant we will feel at home, with a unique meal that transmits an extreme comfort to each diner.

Casa Carmen is located on Paseo de Gracia, north of the city in one of the areas with greater cultural wealth of the Catalan capital. So when you want to enjoy the Catalan nightlife you know perfectly well where to go.